30 Years means 30% discounts at AiC Ltd!

In celebration of AiC’s 30 years in business we are offering special incentives to both new and old clients, including discounts on our software, right across the board. This offer is available for software identified below and for a limited period only, so if you are in the market to expand your software needs then I’m sure we have a solution that suits your requirements.


This is our popular desktop mapping package. A true Geomatics Toolbox with field to finish solutions. Everything is held in one file, with a project tree giving access to various data types including survey observations, point coordinates, CAD, Models, Sections, Drawings, Alignments and images. Backcloths allow the superimposition of different data types and our nDigit allows you to digitise point cloud data to generate vectors. Our 3D viewer allows for the viewing of models with texture mapping, image overlays, transparencies and fly through saving AVI files. Specialist tools are also available for Design, Alignments, River Sections, Geological Modelling, LiDAR editing and Rail Surveys. Some features are edition specific.

n4ce Lite £1250 less 30% = £875+vat (saving £375)
n4ce Professional £2250 less 30% = £1575+vat (saving £625)
n4ce Designer £2750 less 30% = £1925+vat (saving £825)
n4ce Lite to Prof upgrade less 30% = £700+vat (saving £300)
n4ce Prof to Desn upgrade less 30% = £350+vat (saving £150)


This is based on a tablet PC using a DWG platform and used to capture and process data. 4Site Survey allows you to use your Total Station or GNNS receiver to digitise survey data. This has a similar feel to n4ce, using a project tree to store data and code table to convert surveyed points into graphical detail. Large size buttons and icons improve the user interface with checks and prompts guiding you through the survey process.

4Site Survey £1250 less 30% = £875+vat (saving £375)

We provide 12 months maintenance on all our software. These prices are for perpetual licences and maintenance can be extended beyond this period.