4Site Sonar

If you are in the market for carrying out hydrographic surveys then we have a safe, accurate, efficient and cost effective solution for you. This is based on a model boat, as shown here, with a SonaMite echo sounder on board. In essence, this is a single operator solution and can work with either a robotic total station or a GNSS receiver. You no longer need to travel large distances to launch a full sized boat.
4Site is at the heart of our Sonar software, so it benefits from all of its features, like survey adjustments and its code table. This means you can kill two birds with one stone by carrying out a land based survey, which is complimented with a hydrographic survey. You can also take out an OS Mastermap plan of the same area and see your survey superimposed . A tablet PC is required here, running a current version of Windows and preferably ruggedised.  Powerful motors in the twin hulls, enable the model boat to travel across open waters and swift flowing rivers. It has a battery life of 4hrs, which is sufficient to collect over 10k points.
Echo soundings are transmitted back to shore via long range blue tooth and time stamped. The position of the boat is also recorded by the total station and sent back to the PC using long range blue tooth and time stamped. Using the wireless connections means that the operator can move away from the instrument. A range of over 250m has been recorded for this blue tooth connection. Readings can be calibrated to take account of Latency or lag. This is where the recorded depths are offset from the recorded position of the boat.

Editing tools are also available to take out spikes in the data due to weeds, bubbles and fish.

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