AiC’s n4ce Offers!

This year sees the biggest changes to our n4ce software since it was first released at the beginning of the millennium. 
From v3.20 August 2017, we will be offering DWG Support, along with providing n4ce on either a Perpetual (USB Dongle or a software key) or Renewable (Software key only) licence.
Version 4.0, due for release in November 2017 will also include Point Cloud processing (Professional & Designer editions only).

In light of our forthcoming changes, we have the following 3 Offers in place…………………  

Introductory Offer on Renewable Licences!

Our Software licencing is now available and we are offering a special, introductory price on our new Renewable licence option:

n4ce Lite: £450.00 + VAT per annum
n4ce Professional: £750.00 + VAT per annum
n4ce Designer: £950.00 + VAT per annum

30% Upgrade Discount Offer!

Existing users can upgrade their licences to n4ce Designer and take advantage of the extended functionality.
We are offering a 30% Discount on the current cost to upgrade your n4ce Lite and n4ce Professional editions. 

New Client Maintenance Offer!

For new clients who purchase a perpetual licence, we will include extended maintenance up to 1st October 2018,  which is our normal, annual maintenance renewal date.

Contact us on, or give us a call on 01509 504501 and see what we can do for you!