Breadcrumbs Event – Send us your best or most interesting DTM

The next installment of our breadcrumbs event. Using the link below upload a n4ce project with an interesting DTM surface.

You’ve got until 2pm on Friday 24th to submit.

Submissions will be judged internally and a the winner revealed on Friday afternoon. The winner will receive an AiC jacket & goody bag.

There will also be the chance to have this work featured in our artwork for GeoBusiness 2017 with reference to the creators of course.

Submission link:

or email to:
DTM Submission

Breadcrumbs Weekend Prize Draw!

Grab your chance to win yourself an AiC Goodie bag!

All you have to do this weekend is retweet and share our “feasibility analysis of a lake” posts on Twitter and Facebook
It’s as simple as that!

On Monday morning, we will pick a random name from all the re-tweeters and sharers and the AiC Goodie bag will be posted out to the lucky winner!


(Valid from Friday 18th April to Sunday 19th April)