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There are many self help training materials provided with our software, including on-line help, videos, technical notes and a Getting Started manual. To get the most out of our training sessions, we strongly recommend that you go through the videos then attempt the exercises in the Getting Started manual. There is no better learning aid than to get hands on, but DON’T start with a massive project – its all in the preparation!

Whilst we can tailor training to suit your needs, we run BeginnersIntermediate and Advanced training courses. These are a good starting point. For users who are moving from a similar package, the Intermediate course is normally satisfactory, but we do recommend two days for complete beginners. This can be carried out on consecutive days, or preferably with a gap of approximately 6 weeks. It would be essential to actively use our software during this away period, otherwise we would be starting from scratch again.

Topics covered are as follows:

  • The Project Manager & Project Awareness
  • An introduction to Feature Coding and System Defaults
  • Importing Data – CAD, Survey and Models
  • Basic Editing – CAD, Survey and Models
  • Creating a DTM – Editing, 3D Viewing, Sections and Volumes
  • Creating Drawings – Plotting and Exporting to DXF

An Advanced training course is normally based around the following topics:

  • Detail Survey Coding & Navigation
  • Advanced Editing
  • Advanced Modelling
  • Advanced CAD
  • Design Tools
  • + More…

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