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AiC Ltd has produced a number of class leading products during its 30 years, starting with ProSURVEYOR, the first PC CAD based survey mapping and modelling package in Europe, possibly the world! This was followed by 4CE, the forerunner of n4ce, with its own integrated CAD system. Where did the name come from? May the 4CE (force) be with you, or 4 Civil Engineers!

Innovation, ease of use with power tools are at the heart of our thinking. Technology has been finely tuned and honed into today’s products, which are both productive and a joy to use, as amplified by our clients testimonials. All our software comes with backup facilities, so in the event of a failure you can always go back to the last autosave or previous pre-edited project.

With clients covering all aspects of land based sciences, including surveying, construction, design, highways, railways, hydrographic, earthwork contracting, mining, house building, architecture, archaeology, police accident surveys, utility services, local authorities and government agencies – we have the solutions to meet all your needs.


n4ce is our premier product, taking many of the ideas developed in 4CE but keeping different data inside folders on a project tree, storing everything in the single project database file. This allows easy data access, overlays and ripple through effects.

4Site is our latest product based on an AutoCADTM DWG engine, targeting data capture with applications in land, hydrographic, rail, building surveys and point clouds. Both stand alone and AutoCAD plugins are available.

gypsum cloud  4Site Clouds
Hardware Requirements

Our software works with all current Microsoft Windows operating systems including WinXP and Win10. There are no specific hardware requirements apart from making sure there is sufficient RAM on both the mother board and graphics card. For 32 bit computers we recommend 2Gb RAM and upwards of 512Mb on the graphics card. For 64 bit computers these can address effectively unlimited RAM, so 6Gb or more would be more than adequate. We recommend in excess of 1Gb of graphics memory.

Ideally, a twin monitor system should be adopted for n4ce. This allows multiple views to be displayed with ripple through effects between views on different screens. Laptops have a VGA or HDMI outlet allowing you to extend your desktop to a second monitor.

For 4Site applications such as Survey, Sonar and Rail we recommend a ruggedised laptop. This will be able to take a few expected knocks and be protected from inclement weather conditions.

Desktop software for engineers, surveyors and earthworks contractors.
Provides extensive functionality for survey processing, mapping, modelling volumetric analysis and CAD.
Prices from £550+vat.
Data capture software based on an AutoCAD DWG engine. Used for processing survey data from total station and GNNS recorders.
Functionality for downloading and Processing Surveys with Sonar, Rail & Build applications.
Prices from £1250+vat.

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