n4ce Overview

n4ce is not simply a survey processing package with modelling functionality – it is so much more! Multiple types of data can be imported into a Project, including raw survey data, point coordinates, CAD drawings, 3d models, alignments and images. All interact in one unified environment and are stored in a single file, an n4ce .SDB (Survey DataBase) file.

nn4ce comes in four editions, to meet the needs and budgets of users today and into the future. Intuitive in use, but with powerful tools, n4ce is an excellent choice for beginner or expert users alike. No matter which version of n4ce which is being used, the SDB files are the same. So data generated in the Designer version can still be opened and viewed, in the lower versions. It just won’t necessarily be editable. In fact, without a dongle n4ce becomes a completely free viewer. So drawing, and simple queries can be made without any licence at all!
A True Geomatics Software Toolbox!
n4ce Lite n4ce Professional n4ce Designer
Extends the functionality of Survey with the addition of a CAD editor and creation of models, with editing tools for points and features. DTM’s, with Groups, allow creation of contours, sections, volumes and 3D views. Drawing templates allow for the final presentation drawings.A fully self contained package ideal for site or new users.

Building on Lite with design options and further modelling functionality. Access to the dedicated CAD backcloth’s allows addition of enhanced CAD detail, like hatching and slope symbols, to models. Partition creation for sub-drawings. Further volume and sections options.For discerning users wanting advanced functionality.

Going beyond Professional with tools for editing and exporting gridded LiDAR data. Geological modelling, including trend surfaces, bore holes, haul road design, DTM factoring and settlement. Applications for rail surveys and highway design including Hz and Vt alignment design.To satisfy users with highly specialised needs.