AiC has working relationships with a number of instrument suppliers. This can benefit the end user, giving peace of mind in the knowledge that any issues related to either their new instrument or software, will be resolved.
We have carefully selected a number of instrument suppliers to sell AiC software. First line resellers have a working knowledge of both n4ce and 4Site and can give first line support. Second line  resellers are allowed to sell AiC software products, but may not be able to provide technical support.  In this case and all other support issues, you will be expected to contact AiC directly.
We’ve also established overseas sales through partners, as identified below.
If you are interested in becoming a reseller and have the necessary expertise in this field, then please get in touch with us via the Contacts page.

Official First Line Resellers of AiC Software
Jim Warner – Opti-cal Survey Equipment Ltd (UK)
Martin Graham – Intelligent Engineering & Survey Solutions (NI)

Official Second Line Resellers of AiC Software
Carol Carr – Precision Geomatics Ltd (UK)
David Taylor – York Surveys (UK)

Official Overseas Resellers of AiC Software
Edward Len – Rail-TQM Ltd (Poland)
Pertu Gadei – PG Surveys (Romania)

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