At AiC, we make strenuous efforts to keep up to date with the latest developments in computer technology, media and social networking, etc. We are very approachable and willing to discuss issues not directly related to our own software. We have posted video’s on YouTube™, as well as this web site. So if you are searching for support, there are plenty of places you may visit. Support staff have Skype™ accounts so they can talk to the UK and overseas users at little cost. We also have a high speed broadband which ensures all support emails come through almost instantaneously. Our support staff regularly check emails out of office house, and respond to support enquires whatever they may be.

We also have a professional license for TeamviewerTM, and can take control of your computer, if necessary, to provide additional technical support.

A secure area of this web site called Client Login, has been reserved for users with valid AiC support contracts. These users are allocated a username and password that allows access to the latest version of software, technical notes, videos and a user forum.We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to our clients needs, whether at home or overseas. Our offices are manned 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 5.00pm on Friday. We will endeavour to respond to support requests within an hour of them being received.

Clients who prefer the personal touch are more than welcome to call us, even if it is just to sound us out to a particular method of working. We enjoy a friendly relationship with most of our clients, especially if they don’t mind a bit of banter.

Bug fixes, improvements and new features can be made available to clients with a valid support contract via our web site. These are dated and usually denoted by an a, b, c suffix etc. for the current release software.

Many of our clients like to keep in regular contact, keeping us on our toes with recommendations for improvements. We welcome suggestions from all our users, as we recognise that they are at the sharp end (pit face) and are more likely to provide positive feedback to make our software better for everyone.

A number of experienced users, offer their service’s beta testing our software. This is only carried out after extensive in-house testing. We like to feel we are helping each other to make our software the very best there is!

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