This page contains a number of downloadable files that will give you an understanding of what our software can do to help you. A 30 day evaluation form can be completed by qualifying visitors to this website wishing to “get hands on” with our software. This is a 30 day arrangement and at the end you will be expected to purchase or return the software. All Downloads are Copyright Applications in CADD Ltd

Fact Sheets:


Teamviewer allows our support team remote access to computers, this access is fully in your control and even after you install the software you must always give us a password to gain access to your machine. This tool gives us a great way of being able to support you by being able to work directly with you on your data and demonstrate how to use new or old tools. If you wish to use this support service then please download the small program below, it does not need to be installed, you can just run it before you contact us and it will give you the relevant User ID and Password.

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