At AiC we recognise the difficulties and pressures experienced by our clients, with the need to learn how to use new software and applying that knowledge in a working environment. You must not underestimate the benefits of formal training. Time and many hours of frustration can be saved by attending our training courses. We run regular training courses at our offices here in Leicestershire. These generally fall towards the last week of the month and can cover anything from beginners to advanced, through intermediate. There is always something new to learn and these courses are ideal for users who feel that they are not getting the most from our software, or have new personnel who need to be introduced to AiC software.

These group training days will be subject to numbers and availability and we try to keep to no more than six at a time. Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided. Larger group courses have been run at different venues, including Scotland, where we tend to use university facilities.

We are also requested to run a training course on customer premises. This can be effective, especially if there are four or more people wishing to be trained. We can also mold the course to suit customers needs. Our overseas customers can also benefit from a visit. We are more than happy to spend time with you, to help you get the most out of our software. We work with all UK based instrument manufacturers and in some cases offer joint training courses. A member of staff will be present from both AiC and the instrument manufacturer to get the most out of the partnership. Leica courses are regionally based with venues in Scotland, the Midlands and the South. Look out for bulletins.

Use the links below for a description of each of the course’s content. Request forms are also available, which you may use to book a training session, or be notified when the next course is planned.

Venues Courses & Dates Booking Form
Come to our offices or alternatively we can come to you. Beginners, Intermediate, advanced or tailor made to suit your needs. Fill out the form for enquiries or to get yourself on a course.

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